Les Arcs
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Low: 8°C
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Skiable area
425 km
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Les Arcs

Ski resorts attract with their beauty and a sense of freedom, which manifests itself when you stand on a high slope and look down at the snow-covered area. Les Arcs is an ideal destination to go with a family or friends. A variety of pistes and a small number of people will allow you to ride confidently both as a beginner or as a professional.

Location and brief information

The french ski resort Les Arcs is located in the heart of the majestic Alps, it takes place in the valley of the Haute Tarentaise. It is considered as part of the ParadiSki region, which includes two more ski resorts in addition to Les Arcs and has global significance. Holidays in Les Arcs attract people from America and Europe. The Paradise ski region group ranks second in the Three Valleys region. The variety of hotels and apartments, and the slopes of varying difficulty make the resort an ideal place for a relaxing and sporty holiday.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Les Arcs 

The French ski area Les Arcs is a perfect combination of the price and quality of services provided. You don’t have to shrink too much, save for years and then give all your money for a week of vacation with friends or family. The specialty of Les Arcs is that six small villages are combined with pistes. Most of those lack civilization, but you can rent an affordable self-catering apartment there. A large number of tourists who love a cheerful atmosphere choose Ark-1950 or Ark-2000.

The advantages of Les Arcs are as follows:

– availability of certified tracks;
– experienced instructors;
– availability of schools for children and adults;
– a variety of tracks in terms of difficulty;
– snow is guaranteed on the tracks – there is artificial snowmaking;
– pistes with incredible views – panoramic, forest, night skiing.

Of the shortcomings, vacationers point out poorly developed infrastructure in almost every village. Additionally, the disadvantages are:

– in Ark-2000 – there is a high altitude and it is difficult to breathe on it. Also there is no other entertainment besides skiing;
– in Arc-1950 – you may rarely see the sun due to the design of the resort, skiing from door to door is not available for all apartments;
– in Ark-1600 – while resting at the resort in warm weather, you may have problems with the descent to the park. In the evening the tracks are in bad condition.

When choosing a ski resort, it is important to find out the number of available slopes, their level, the availability of a sufficient number of ski lifts and the ability to pay for a ski pass and its price.

The maximum altitude in Les Arcs is 3250 m, the drop is 2050 m. The total length of all pistes is 425 km where 191 km of runs are green and blue, 191 km are red and 43 km are black. All slopes are connected by 54 lifts of different types.

A ski pass for the entire ParadiSki ski area costs $54 a day, but if you buy a pass for 10 days, it comes out to $451. Also there are discounts on ski passes for children under 12 years old and adults over 65 years old.

Ski villages – how to choose accommodation for your holiday at the resort

The villages that make up the Les Arcs resort have their own distinctive features. In total, Les Arcs has six small villages where you can stay. When choosing a home, you should consider all the options:

– Arc 1950 attracts with its liveliness – you can stay in modern Radisson Blu apartments, Chalet Alouette or choose self-catering houses near the lifts of Residence Arc 1950 Le Village;
– You should take a closer look at the following apartments in Arc 2000: L’Aiguille Rogue for a family, La Sources des Arcs with an excellent Spa or the five-star Taj I Mah;
– You should give preference to the stylish Le Golf hotel or the Aiguille Grive chalet in Arc-1800. The Tetra chalet is suitable for those who are used to living in comfort;
– Ark-1600 is the most budget-friendly resort. Here you can check-in to the UCPA hostel or to the inexpensive apartments of the Cachette hotel.

It doesn’t matter which village will be chosen initially – they are all connected by lifts. Additionally, there is a regular bus that delivers tourists to the desired villages for free.

Ski rentals to choose from

One of the biggest reasons why so many people don’t even try to ski is that they cannot afford to buy ski equipment or do not want to carry it with them. At modern resorts this problem is solved by opening specialized shops where all the necessary things are given for rent. Les Arcs has 48 rental spots and the shops are run by experienced professionals who can help you select and fit equipment to size. It is better to rent skis at trusted places: the Intersport network for adults and children, the Skimium network has a workshop and professional equipment, Skiset stores offer the equipment for rental and for sale.

What places to visit during the vacation

There are other types of entertainment for families with kids and for companies of youngsters besides skiing down the slopes. During your stay at Les Arcs you may visit the following places:

– restaurants – There are Chalet de L’Arcelle in Arc-1600, Belliou La Fumeee with its cozy atmosphere is located on the mountain in Arc-1950 and Chez Clarisse is a popular establishment with a good cuisine in Arc-1800;
– bars – There are Cafe Sol in Arc-1600, the cafe Ambiente or Le JO in 1800, Chalet de Luigi is a popular place in Arc-1950, Arc-2000 is famous for El Latino Loco with its live music;
– bowling – for those who like to knock pins there are bowling alleys in Ark-200 and Ark-1800;
– Mille 8, which is located in Arc-1800, is a leisure complex that attracts couples with children. There you can find a restaurant, an aqua center, snow yoga classes and other types of entertainment.

Les Arcs differs from other resorts for its incredible history. Its creation was a dream come true for a group of athletes, developers, inventors and architects. They were able to create a quiet paradise of unity with nature and the feeling of wings spreading behind their backs while descending the slopes. Les Arcs is an opportunity that does not hit hard on the wallet and will give unforgettable moments with family or friends.

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